Sleep – An Important attribute to good health | Advise to youth

An easy way to train your brain is to sleep. Astonishing but true, a proper sleep lends the right amount of energy to the brain to make all the activities in the day bearable and interesting. If a nap is permissible in the afternoon it is advisable to go for a power nap of 20- to 30 minutes. It has been observed in research that a nap improves cognitive ability of the brain and leads to better focus in the later hours of the day.

To enable the body to sleep in time, it is also advisable to eat less at dinnertime. It is always advisable to eat more in breakfast, moderate in lunch and less at dinner. This gives the body enough time to digest the food and hence prevents acidity and burning sensation.

Television is a favorite past time for many once they return from work, but it is advisable to not spend the hours post work in front of the idiot box. It is better to switch the TV off and concentrate on activities with family members or taking a walk in the garden. If that is not possible due to the weather or if staying alone, it is possible to solve some quizzes or play chess to stimulate the mind.

Yoga or meditation is an important tool that is beneficial to activate the charkas in the body and relax the mind. A distressed mind leads to irresponsible decision-making and fatigue and loss of sleep. Meditation is beneficial to gather the breathing and focus on breathing techniques and regulate the pulse rate of the individual.

Lead a stress free life
It is obligatory to mention here that the more one stays away from negative people or situations the better. This does not mean one should run away from any situation but it means that one should handle the situation with clarity of thoughts and maintain well-balanced attitude.

Quitting a run behind materialistic things and focusing on minimal requirements also lead to less stress to the brain. A mental stimulant is happiness that is possible when one is satisfied with life’s possessions. It is easy to compare one’s car to neighbors big car and fuss about the same, but it is also possible to stay happy with what one has and stay relaxed.

Planning activities and making sure to take out quality time with family and friends is also essential for proper functioning of the mind.

Routine activities lead to frustration in the long run, hence developing new hobbies and learning new things helps to keep one relax and stimulated. Try painting, writing or playing a sport to activate the receptors of the brain. Fresh air is also an important stimulator as it helps to activate the right hormones in the body.

Another very important matter is to stop blaming others for your faults; it is essential to take responsibility for one’s own actions and working towards developing a better future. If one wants a government job, it is essential to study hard and clear the competitive exams for the same. If one wants a job, it is important to prepare well in advance and make sure to reach the venue on time so as to relax and concentrate on the task on hand.

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